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Re: _and_another_thing_
.....and reading other things too like....

Rick burns midnight oil in the studio through as the world sleeps. Hyde sticks the carin a ditch tryin to
get there. You gotta laugh, I been in much worse, proper roll-over-right-off car crash when I lost
my little plastic fishin boat....

...Just like I said, bad weather brings out the good in people. They appear out the dark with light.
They make phone calls & connections & suddenly a kind face appears at the wheel of an enormous
machine capable of haulin a boy out've a ditch with ease. This is for all them who helped last night
& asked for nothin. I know who my friends are startin with the boy burnin the oil.


Hmm.... car crashes are horrible. I had my car-in-two-pieces-no-safety-belt crash new years day in 1990 in Finland. No alcohol just a young and green boyfriend. Broken chin-bones and no memory whatsoever about the crash still make me wanna live like every day was the last...or at least almost as if it was the last. After several surgeries I also became a true fan of plastic surgery.
Funnily enough the not-using-safety-belt that saved my life since the car was totally unrecognisable after the crash, they found me and the door away of it.

Anyhow, I trust Karl is well and I hope the sun & good weather is coming back soon to Essex. Im looking forward to hear that guitar with the cheese characters.
Looks like it has been recently purchased:
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