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Gears in the Rain: Desiderium

My latest album, Desiderium, produced as Gears in the Rain, is out today on Cold Fiction Music.

Desiderium: an ardent desire or longing, especially a feeling of loss or grief for something lost.

The music on this record is introspective ambient, experimental electronic, and atmospheric soundscapes produced during a time of loss but also hope for the future. I challenged myself to mostly avoid programming beats, and concentrate instead on using synth melodies and washes, guitar, and field recordings to develop a sense of evolution to the tracks (including the longest track I've ever done- "Springtide Suite"- a sonic journey clocking in at 33 minutes).

I hope this album scores contemplation and provides calm. Thanks for listening.

(Sources of inspiration: Hammock, Marconi Union, Biosphere, Jon Hopkins, M83, my other Gears in the Rain records...but not managing to sound particularly like any of them!)
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