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Re: Music In Isolation (a Spotify playlist series by Neorev)
I think all points are valid. For the last ... few years, I have been somewhat hesitant with EDM and music in general, to be honest. Listening more and more to what I already like and know.

Having said that, this year for me, is the year of Underworld. I'd only really known BS, Jumbo, Two Months off, and Scribble, and never really got into their music. I picked up STITI cheap on CD this year during lockdown, as a friend recommended it, and now I have all the albums and GBs of mixes, live sets, EE DVD... cannot get enough!

I was into deadmau5 and Spor and dubstep c.a. 2008-2010 and then kind of stopped listening to it all. Same with what the prodigy turned into, I was just not feeling it any longer. There is plenty of good music being made today, of course, but "the algorithms" don't seem to work so well for me, so curated playlists like this are brilliant.

Thanks again.