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Re: Possible Riverrun Boxset?
Originally Posted by purlieu View Post
I'll be sad if we don't get AHDO and OWB boxes in the long run like they promised. I'd love a Riverrun box too, although I doubt we'll get one. Maybe it'll be part of the OWB box (they have said in the past that OWB was part of the Riverrun experiment). CD1: remastered album. CD2: LovelyBrokenThing / Pizza for Eggs. CD3: I'm a Big Sister, Misterons Mix. CD4: Outtakes and remixes.
You're right - that's probably a lot more realistic as part of OWB (and actually how I had originally thought that boxset would probably go for it). Just seemed like the BF boxset barely made it out and momentum was lost for any more with Drift taking over.

I had not heard that AHDO and OWB were actually promised by them anywhere, just anticipated by us. Barking doesn't really need one given the boxset already released for it and don't see it happening (though there are still tracks and versions from that time period we would definitely like).

Also didn't know they had mentioned OWB as part of the Riverrun experiment - it felt that way at the time as part of the build up all together, but interesting that they have said that. Here's hoping they all continue before too long...
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