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How to make your own spoiler tags
In this forum more than others we have had problems with *spoilers* and how to manage them, leading to some moderator editing in some cases.

VBulletin does have a [spoiler] tag but it has not been implemented by Scott despite numerous requests by myself and others (along with the [strikethrough] tag).

For that reason, I found the colour hex for the brown background and decided to make my own spoiler tag. If you use [COLOR=#C8B090] (and obviously [ /COLOR] to close the tag) you will find that the text contained is the same colour as the background and then all you need to do is add a message above it saying that there is a spoiler below and that people should highlight the text to see it.[COLOR=#c8b090]y00 r 4ll teh suckz0r[/COLOR]

I hope this solves the problem once and for all.
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