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Re: Bought a 360!
Some other older (cheaper) games you might wanna look into:

Bioshock: First Person Shooter. The gameplay is decent, but the story and atmosphere are what to play for.
Fable series: RPG with some solid humor and narrative.
Knights of the Old Republic: Star Wars Bioware turn based RPG where you can go either light side or dark side with a different ending for either.
Forza: Realistic racing series (except horizon)
Borderlands: A cross between a loot gathering RPG and a First Person Shooter with a healthy dose of silly.

Since you've already spent money on the 360, I can't really recommend a PC setup, but if money's not an issue or you already have a PC that can game, you should check out the steam distribution system over at There's TONS of games, from AAA huge names (Civilization, Team Fortress 2, Grand Theft Auto) to the smaller bizzare unknown games like symphony (A sweet game where a demon comes and steals the soul of your music!), magicka, and gotham city imposters (You fight in the daylight of gotham city with all the other superhero/supervillain imposters).

I personally am all for portal 2 (and all other valve games) It's got a few more features on the PC like a map editor and a place to download others maps and there isn't another game like it except Portal 1, which is a simple 3 hour masterpiece of atmosphere and story.