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Re: Whatcha playing right now?
Child of Eden - fantastic music/rhythm based shooter that you control using the Kinect sensor (ie waving your hands to target enemies, and then pushing your hands like using the Force from Star Wars in order to make all the targeted foes explode). Very immersive and emotionally investing experience.

LA Noire - Crazy violent and thought provoking period crime drama with a dose of Who Wants to be a Millionaire thrown in for good measure. Like naked women? Like mutilation? If you answered yes to both these, than this game will be right up your alley (or a similar alley with a blood trail full of clues leading the way).

UFC Personal Trainer - Very responsive and intuitive alternative to going to the gym to work up a sweat. This Kinect controlled exercise game gives you the option to jump into a series of simple, yet effective activities based inside of the famous Octagon of the Ultimate Fighting Championship branded sport of MMA (mixed martial arts). But you can also go futher into the personalized fitness rabbit hole and select a 30 or 60 day regimen of workouts that are all slightly different each time to add variety and keep you engaged in achieving your goals (fat loss, strength, or endurance). Squats, pushups, curls, stretching, and MMA all rolled into one hell of a workout each day.
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