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Re: Drift Episode 2 "ATOM"
Originally Posted by purlieu View Post
It's a fascinating time to be a music fan, as we're still in this very bizarre mid-ground between quick-turnaround digital-only releases and a lingering desire to release traditional albums, and different artists are experimenting with the form in different ways. I don't see myself abandoning the Album, but I love the fact that people are playing around with these things.
Totally agree with you! It's a fine time to be a fan, gifted by new tunes and unreleased gems each week. Not since 2005-06 with The RiverRun and fresh live cuts have we heard so much new material. I really appreciate Rick and Karl's commitment to the process, especially after reading the Atom EP 2 liner notes. It's not easy to keep this pace, but I'm thrilled about everything they've shared.

I burned the Ep2 tracks to disc (ok, Appleshine Continuum is on a second CD) and am really enjoying the immersion. Do you think they have a theme in mind for each EP? Or do the tracks just FIT together? Contextualization from the listener? In any case, both Drift EPs have gone down cohesively for me.
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