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Re: Shining Future Remixes EP - May 27 (Japan only)
so while i was reading up on using Spotify in Japan (it's not available)... I had thought perhaps I could spoof my IP address here and stream it. nope. BUT, I did find out how to purchase this quite easily.

1. Download Tunnel Bear which is a VPN application - super easy to use: - works on both Mac & PC or if you're saavy - use your own VPN

2. Set up a free account (500mb) per month or 1GB if you tweet. Select "Japan" as your country and turn it on

3. Go here:
Here in the U.S. the tracks will display "In Japan Only" - with VPN set to Japan you can now select the tracks in 16 or 24-bit audio (Flac, ALAC, AAC, Mp3, Wav)

4. I used my PayPal account since it was an option - so it was an easy purchase

It took only a couple of minutes, but I received an e-mail with a link to download the track in a ZIP file. I only purchased the Nylon Strung remix - it was $2.69. Once the track was downloaded, I turned off my VPN and dropped it into my iTunes Library and am now listening to the track in 24-Bit, which for me equals happiness.

Goodnight fellow dirts, I hope this post helps at least one of you. Cheers!
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