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Re: RicksDubbedOutDriftExperience and DRIFT Series 1 Complete
It's probably way more complex.

Reasons I've heard/read:
If memory serves from 2010, it was the lighting guys who wanted to make the switch to a static setlist as it made it easier to give a contemporary live electronic music experience.

I recall Karl saying once, "We didn't have as many songs to make it through back then."

Reasons I've guessed at:
Improv will always have the risk of going poorly. 1998 glasto's NUXX has an aimless endbit for a handful of minutes, for example. Rick seems like a perfectionist to me and would rather not risk providing a less than perfect show to fans.

I also bet that making the jump from regular sub-headliner of the 90s to legacy headliner act comes with an expectation of polish on stage.

All these reasons *feel* accurate to me, but then there's one show that throws it all for a loop... Amsterdam Dance Event 2017. It was fully a pre-2010 style Underworld set, and it was EXCELLENT. Karl fully behind the desk with Rick, reworkings of old material, and even some brand new material that we still don't have even after Drift.

Anyhow, this is a rambling post with little concrete evidence behind it, take it with a few grains of salt. Maybe drift 2 will be a live project where they ceremonially burn a setlist before the first show of the tour and start every show with short versions of NUXX and TMO.

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Awesome is spot on.
Am I right to infer that, because Rick is still into the improv, the lack of improv in the UW main sets is Karl's preference? Just sayin. Probably more complex than that.