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Re: Proposal: Darren Price album
I certainly would be interested in hearing such an album, and participating in bringing it to fruition, if possible. So many of these short tracks/interludes really caught my attention circa 2005+, and I thought, wrongly, that they were by R&K roadtesting new material and would eventually be available in full length release. Nonetheless, a credit to what Pricey did for the band's live sets back then, as these interludes gave the gigs a strong improvisational feeling. As most had short runtimes and were indeed bridges, perhaps a continuous mix album?

Also, while I'm fine with Price's UW remixes, they somehow sound a little tame, or clean, I don't know, less exciting than others. I found his solo lp "Underneath the Flightpath" the same way...well produced but perhaps less than memorable. The aforementioned short jams are really more catchy and stick in your ears and mind!
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