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Re: Determine Your Favorite Underworld Album - With SCIENCE!
Do you include both discs for Barking, or just the 'main album'

Dubnnobasswithnyheadman - 8/9 (I just can't 'get into' Surfboy)

Second Toughest in the Infants - 8/8 = 100%

What's funny, is that I didn't like the album at all when I first bought it. It wasn't until after I bought BF, and something clicked. I think I maybe just wasn't 'the right time'. I probably wouldn't have become a fan of UW had I not been up late one night watching Mtv, and saw the video for "Push Upstairs."

Beaucoup Fish - 11/11 = 100%

A Hundred Days Off - 7/10 = 70%

Oblivion With Bells - this was a hard one for me, b/c it's a really great album, but I also feel that you need to be in just the right mood / headspace for a bulk of the album... 6/11 = 54.5%

Barking - 7/9 = 77.8%

Barbara Barabra, We Face A Shining Future - 4/8 (if you include 23 Blue) = 50%