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Determine Your Favorite Underworld Album - With SCIENCE!
For some dumb insomnia reason I counted the number of tracks I like on each album and scored it like a school test. For example, I like every song on Dubnobass, so that’s 9/9 or 100%. On Barking I like four out of nine tracks, and 4/9 is 44%.

So here are Underworld’s albums ranked from most to least favorite as determined by science.

Dubnnobasswithnyheadman - 100%
Second Toughest in the Infants - 100%

Beaucoup Fish - 90%
Oblivion With Bells - 73%
A Hundred Days Off - 70%
Barbara Barabra, We Face A Shining Future - 50%
Barking - 44%

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