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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
Originally Posted by lloyd View Post
it's bollocks too
For instance, You can't buy veal meat in .nl which isn't halal / kosher.
What is forbidden, like in lots of other countries, is home slaughter under non-controled conditions. BSE amongst other health reasons and ethical/animal rights got us laws for that. Not religion.
the 'government endorsed' method of slaughter involves shooting a nail into the brain of the animal, spreading brain matter throughout the rest of the animal. you tell me how that is more safe than the traditional method. sounds either nanny state or anti-semetic.

i'm not saying the US doesn't have its problems. out west (and here in the south as well, but GA is kind of more the 'southeast' than it is like TX, LA, MS, etc.) there is a lot of racism towards immigrant (and non-immigrant) hispanics, and it's completely intolerable by me. i went with my family to buy a car a couple of years ago, and the guy who did a test drive with us started making these broad-sweeping statements about hispanics, and we decided we'd never go back there again, forget buying their car.

but as much as the US is known for it's racism against hispanics, europe is known for its racism against muslims and jews. i mean, look at france for goodness' sake. they've treated the algerians who have been there for generations like second class citizens for a very long time. if you want proof look at the riots a few years back.

the same thing goes for banning kippot, taqiyah, islamic veils, etc. over the past few years. it's not 'separation of church and state', it's removal of basic human rights through thinly-veiled racism.

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