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Re: Dutch on verge of getting most right wing government in the EU, in dutch history
I remember being shocked that Wilders and his bunch scored so many seats. Admittedly, he seems to be intelligent and charismatic. In Germany we still have more than enough hateful, revisionist nutheads, some of them of a make similar to Wilders (the late Jürgen Rieger comes to mind).

What is it that people, voters see in those figures? Is it only the socially deprived, the unemployed, the bitter who are caught by those parties' hate speeches? A feeling of "Wow, there's somebody to oppose the corrupt establishment"? The imagination of "Finally, my vote is going to make a difference" (not caring about the contents of the party's programme)? Fear and selfishness, resulting in the hope that the banishment and discrimination of certain portions of culture and people will grant oneself an advantage in the struggle for relative wealth?

Or is it genuine xenophobia, ignorance and malice?