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Re: Underworld Recordings
Originally Posted by 2dreamofluv View Post
So I used to run an FTP server for RTSR back in early aughts and I just found the backup.

Let me know if any of these recordings are needing to be re-circulated.
From 2001-2006-ish, I lived and breathed the RTSR FTP. You did the good work, 2dreamofluv! Back then, the bootlegs were a huge part of my UW education. I'd download a new or legacy show and devour it for a week. So much material to hear and catch the nuances and learn how UW used to structure a show. Last few years, yeah, I've torrented, but it's mostly just for the rare stuff. I used to feel compelled to collect every available gig. With static setlists since 2010, its not so important anymore. Still, I'm glad RTSR has been there for archival purposes and a lot of fun support!
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