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Originally Posted by stimpee View Post
I hope so! Would buy an extended EE box with songs they played on that tour that didnt make it to the DVD. Maybe Five Points!
Oh man, I'd love an Everything Everything... Well, Everything boxset. Include audio of a few full shows from this tour/era that they used to edit together for the original release. Even a proper higher quality copy of Fuji Rock. It's awesome to have a direct soundboard with no crowd, but the low bitrate really chokes the audio. I love live recordings. Most times, I'm listening to live UW recordings rather than the studio albums.

The EE DVD did have bonus audio. It would've been cool to have their live show/crowd versions.

An extended EE boxset, yes please. That and River Run are my most look forward to possible future releases.

I think River Run should be 3 discs dedicated to each release (the tracks actually split into individual tracks, but still blend together) with bonus tracks and remixes added to each disc along with the Live In Tokyo 2005 set remastered. That would be 6 discs. The Dubnobasswithmyheadman Japan edition reissue bonus disc featured a few tunes from the Tokyo show, May as well give it a proper remaster and put it all together with the River Run series. Though I kinda prefer the Amsterdam and/or Sofia sets. Back In The Fears sounds amazing at the Amsterdam show. I feel River Run deserves its own release, separate from Oblivion With Bells.

An EE could look quite beautiful, especially with a massive book of tour photos from the years with Emerson. I do believe, like their albums, EE deserves a proper reissue.

It'd be cool if Emerson returned on a track or 2 for the next Drift series. I'd love to see the 3 of them together again, even if it's for a one off.