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Re: Underworld, Drum Club, Fluke @ Megadog, Rocket, London N7 - 92/93
Right, I have found a Megadog flyer on-line. It has Underworld headlining with Fluke as guests at the Rocket. But, the third act listed is Sabres of Paradise, not Drum Club.

I have never seen Sabres. I had a ticket to catch them on the Sabretooth Dog tour but was sick and couldn't go.(Gutted)

The flyer is dated the 29th Oct. There is no year, but the 29th Oct fell on a Friday in '93 not '92. So, that fits with my theory about seeing them just before Spikee was released.

It's not a stretch the imagine Sabres being replaced by the Drum Club at the last minute, is it?

So, It seems the first time I saw Underworld live was @ the Rocket on 29th October, 1993

It's still not quite 100% definitive, but it feels about right.

Pencil it in. I'll keep digging.
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