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Re: Underworld, Drum Club, Fluke @ Megadog, Rocket, London N7 - 92/93
Originally Posted by BrotherLovesDub View Post

Looks like it could have been the show on November 6, 1993 featuring Underworld, Drum Club and Eat Static. Perhaps Eat Static either subbed for Fluke or Fluke subbed for Eat Static.
Nah, that's the Manchester Academy list again. The Rocket is a completely different venue in London.

Checking the date, it seems that the Manchester Dogs happened monthly on a Saturday. Now, the London Dogs at the Rocket were (IIRC) the last Friday of the month.

I remember buying Spikee soon after. I saw it in a new release rack and paid for it without even bothering to listen to it first on the strength of the live show I'd just seen.

So, Spikee was December that year. So, possibly 20th November, 1993?

An educated guess, but still just a guess.
Entirely Possible