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Re: Thursday night
im looking for a recording of that broadcast... seems to be missing from my archive...
if anyone can locate it

BBC Radio1 One Music w/Karl Hyde 2005-09-08
Quentin Harris - 'Let's Be Young' (12") (NRK)
Phon.O - 'Kyoto Station 6AM' (CD - Burn Down The Town) (Shitkatapult)
DJ Koze - 'Don't Feed The Cat' (CD - Kosi Comes Around) (Kompakt)
Jason Forrest - 'Nightclothes & Headphones' (CD - Shamelessly Exciting) (Sonig)
Animal Collective - 'Bees' (White Label)
Melt Banana - 'Freak Magnet' (A-Zap)
Marcel Radulovich - 'Fabrica De Besos' (CD - Homenaja)
The Hidden Persuader - 'Corrupt Machine' (White Label)
Efterklang & Grizzly Bear - 'Horn Of Plenty' (White Label)
Zoo Brazil - 'Make You Mine' (White Label)
Aguayo/Rossknecht - 'Bounce A Round' (CD - Total 6) (Kompakt)
Phantom Formation - 'Over The Streets'
Paco Raball - 'Comerte Los Morros'
John Martyn - 'Anna' (Live Version) (Unreleased)
James Mason - 'I Want Your Love'
Brian Eno - 'These Small Noises' (Unreleased)
Rec_Overflow - 'No Olides Esto' (Spa.RK)
Pig & Dan - 'Untitled' (White Label)
Nina Nastasia - 'Brad Haunts A Party' (Unreleased) (White Label)
Mute Freak - 'Hole In My Mind'
Space Siren - 'Verschwende Deine Jugend' (Transformed Dreams)
The Ramones - 'I Wanna Be Sedated'
The Four Brothers - 'Vimbayi'
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