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Default Re: [new tracks] -> _unreleased_dubnobasswithmyheadman_era_

Originally Posted by BrotherLovesDub View Post
i think the DAT wasn't meant to represent an LP but rather some finished tracks. taking the DAT's listing as an LP tracklist is a step in the wrong direction. i doubt anybody connected with UW thought that sequence of songs would be released in that exact order. it was meant to shop around the music to get a deal according to deckard. thinking of that order as an album order is misguided.
Yes, BrotherLovesDub, that is my feeling also. I never thought of this as a finished sequence for an album, especially since Dubno and all future albums have quite a few crossfades on them. These tracks also contain 2 remixes (I didn't know that at the time) so it just makes sense that they were a just a sampling of the type of songs the band was creating, showing any potential label that was interested that this is the music we create and we also do remixes. Just my thoughts.
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