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Lx_Nen 07-27-2018 06:02 AM

Hybrid - Light of the Fearless

Worth the 8 year wait.

holden 07-28-2018 09:04 AM

Re: Hybrid - Light of the Fearless
Classic Hybrid - tons of breaks, symphonic score material, emotional vocals.
Yes, it's been a long time since "Disappear Here", but this will do. This will do very nicely!

Lx_Nen 07-30-2018 12:02 PM

Re: Hybrid - Light of the Fearless
There's a rather nice 5CD box set here too: https://www.distinctiverecords.com/

...and a rather silly cowbell here: https://www.hybridshop.co.uk/stoopid-stuff


matyhaty 09-22-2018 12:52 AM

Re: Hybrid - Light of the Fearless
Decent album, but not as good as previous.....
Some pretty average tunes.

Shame the other versions are not on spotify tho (intrum, orc etc)

jOHN rODRIGUEZ 04-09-2019 11:59 PM

Re: Hybrid - Light of the Fearless
Hybrid reminds me of YES during the 80s... Very hit/miss if only because of not quite fitting in with the whatever is the current of electronic music. & that is exactly what makes Hybrid worth while for listeners of said electronic music's listeners. City of Lights from YES is totally 2000ish Skinny Puppy...

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