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negative1 02-09-2022 11:31 AM

Third party t-shirts
I'm not going to post a link, to respect underworld merchandise.

But i am tempted to order some allOver tshirt prints of their album covers.

Anyone else see them around, maybe underworld would consider making them.

I like the basic design of the album covers, although i know they make many other

I will update this, once i get some to check out.


negative1 03-19-2022 10:01 PM

Re: Third party t-shirts

colors - vibrant, a little over saturated

text - readable, sharp

(missing band and album name on dubnobasswithmyheadman)

printed front and back

second toughest sleeves a little bit off graphically

very light and airy - like a jersey


NOTE : i had potholder that matched the dubno graphics, also have an oven mitt too.



grade A- worth it, (especially if you buy multiples), took a few weeks to ship china->USA

will be ordering about 4 other underworld ones...

link - send me a message

purlieu 03-20-2022 04:17 AM

Re: Third party t-shirts
Sad thing is, I'd be much more inclined to buy one of those than the recent official ones.

negative1 03-20-2022 04:23 PM

Re: Third party t-shirts
heres the next 4 i'm getting:


ones, i'm thinking about, not sure.


Dirty Saint 03-22-2022 07:14 AM

Re: Third party t-shirts
Liking the first one

Mike 03-23-2022 06:50 AM

Re: Third party t-shirts
Incredible - UWHQ please take note

joethelion 03-24-2022 08:56 AM

Re: Third party t-shirts
The AHDO one actually looks really nice.

Bestbass42 03-25-2022 12:47 PM

Re: Third party t-shirts
Hello mate. I Have bought several of these all over t-shirts-not Underworld though, I bought 'Return To Forever-Romantic Warrior' 'Camel-Mirage' and an all over 'Dexys Midnight Runners' one, all from a company selling on Facebook. I Didnt want the print on the back though so they did the rear plain. I Cant fault the quality of the print as its really-really good. The material of the t-shirts though is horrible, really cheap type of thin polyester, like a womens 1970s nightie! . I Ordered XL and they are MASSIVE-like XXXL. I Couldnt be bothered to send them back so they will never be worn.

melontang 03-27-2022 08:57 AM

Re: Third party t-shirts

Originally Posted by Bestbass42 (Post 169114)
really cheap type of thin polyester, like a womens 1970s nightie! . I Ordered XL and they are MASSIVE-like XXXL.

Sounds good for a hot day at least. I ordered the Second Toughest, 1992-2012, and dubnobass ones. Will update when they arrive

melontang 04-08-2022 12:38 PM

Re: Third party t-shirts

They arrived after about 2 weeks, all 3 look good, and here's the 1992-2012 one

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