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mark3 02-20-2019 10:19 AM

Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
So, part 6 is up - I don't know where part 5 is ( could be a typo of course )

Underworld & The Necks - Appleshine Continuum
- and it is 47 minutes long!! ( 2 minutes longer than Barbara, Barbara :D ).


Episode 2 of Underworld’s DRIFT Series concludes with Appleshine Continuum - one of a series of collaborations between Underworld and Australian experimental trio The Necks. Recorded in a single take during two days of improvising at AIR Studios, Appleshine Continuum takes Underworld’s original version of Appleshine (Ep.2 Pt.1) as its starting point and quickly takes flight, only returning to Earth’s atmosphere after 47 mesmerising minutes...

“Karl had played with The Necks several times before … I’d never met them but was struck by his energy whenever he talked about those experiences….I wondered what we might make as Underworld together with them….I really wanted to have that energy inside our Drift series... start a journey together with no fixed destination…

We turned up at AIR studios in London with it’s glorious recording spaces, priceless microphones and recording equipment … two brilliant women driving the control room…Kirsty Whalley engineering and mixing assisted by Fi Cruickshank..…Simon Taylor and Rob (Baker Ashton) were there with their cameras, documenting everything… our SSL 500 desk, CD players, pedals, synthesisers and guitars...coaxing them to connect and behave themselves so we could improvise with Tony, Chris and Lloyd … who turned up with just a bag of drumsticks and some cogs.

The Necks were lovely and extraordinary men… Playing music together with them, time would just… I don’t know.. it just kind of disappeared really. And honestly, I’d do it all over again at the drop of a hat. Tomorrow."

“Sometimes they terrify me on stage... I get this thrill like they’re destroying their instruments right in front of me. Their personalities off-stage couldn’t be more different. They’re remarkably open and welcoming and generous, and they still seem to be full of wonder when you talk to them. They all have an ease and.. an ability to just enter into what’s going on, and not be judgmental.” Karl

spacejunk 02-20-2019 11:31 AM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum

negative1 02-20-2019 12:46 PM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
very interesting flow to the track.

also, the vocals cutting in and out.

great to hear the longer jam sessions.


khouri 02-20-2019 01:05 PM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
Sure; why not?

holden 02-20-2019 02:17 PM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
Well, hmm... Was expecting part 5 tomorrow and got part 6 today. Did we travel 8days into the future without realizing it?

Since nothing yet on uwlive, Facebook or email announcing this, I guess we'll just enjoy being a day (or more) early.

Kind of amazing that this extended jam sustains interest for 47 minutes. Great vibe with the beats and vocal up front. I'm not super fond of the Hammond (?) organ noodling in the middle, but the bass and arpeggiated piano interplay in the last third is tasty.

domsgotsideburns 02-20-2019 02:31 PM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
they must've accidentally made the video unlisted to their channel... i can recall Molehill being premiered early on accident and it was soon taken down, so maybe they'll take this down and give us part 5 tomorrow?

anyhow, mistakes aside, it's great to know that (possibly) the episodes aren't going to be condensed just to five parts. but a 47 minute track... WOW! this'll be a fruitful listen

negative1 02-20-2019 04:02 PM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
the last third of this is incredible.

this is the underworld that i've always liked,
complex, layered, and lots of depth.

where has this been hiding for the last decade or longer.


taotsu 02-21-2019 02:48 AM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
This is epic! Walking the streets of Yokohama at night with this soundtrack. Epic

taotsu 02-21-2019 02:50 AM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
I just hope there will be a download link in 2 weeks.

I am also utterly fascinated that both episodes possibly end on a rework of the first released track, done by the necks.

domsgotsideburns 02-21-2019 04:04 AM

Re: Drift Ep. 2, Part 6 - Appleshine Continuum
gave it a full listen earlier today - it's astonishing to think this kind of improvisation piece is actually...a thing, but i guess that's the beauty of DRIFT. spontaneous creativity out of the blue, which is definitely what this track is. 47 and a half minutes of Underworld at their most creative in years, what a thrill! that ending piano section is particularly quite soothing

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