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joethelion 05-10-2011 04:53 AM

New Mix & other stuff...
Ok -

So as a few know, I'm living in Glasgow now - getting my MFA at the Art School.

Back on Friday, we had a big "Interim Show"... After a few days of installation and getting everything ready - I had the chance to do a bit of mixing.

Here's the download link + tracklist:

Caribou - Hannibal
Art Department - Vampire Nightclub
Burial & Four Tet - Moth
Pole - Pferd (Melchior Productions' Zodiac Mix)
Ramadanman & Midland - More Than You Know
Tanner Ross - Goodbye, Summer
Art Department - Without You
Soul Clap - Lonely C
Marc Houle - Hitcher Man
Jan Driver - Hornetbeef
Appleblim & October - NY Fizzzzz
Appleblim & Ramadanman - Sous Le Sable
Martyn - Elden St (Sebo K Watergate Edit)
WhoMadeWho - Two Feet Off Ground
Panda Bear - Search For Delicious
Royksopp - Malangen Fra Bruhodet
Four Tet - Plastic People
Avus - Reality Itself
Dabrye - The Stand (Instrumental)


Anyways... the title refers to my project in the MFA Show. It was... well, here's just a link to it over on my blog. Yes... it's supposed to be funny. No... it's "not making fun of Scottish people" - it's more about being an international student, fitting in, and failing (hence - the "lost sheep")


//\/\/ 05-10-2011 05:21 PM

Re: New Mix & other stuff...
loving the blog art! those ice-cream people are very beatles-y.

you enjoying bonny Scotland?

joethelion 05-11-2011 09:17 AM

Re: New Mix & other stuff...
thanks! Those ice-cream people were actually done by my "sometime collaborator / art partner" (and girlfriend) Zoe. Basically - we do a lot of stuff together, and also independent work... and put most of it up there on a semi-regular basis.

Scotland's pretty cool. It took me a while to get used to a lot of little things (like the lack of "real" Peanut Butter or Mexican food) - but now I'm really liking it a lot.

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