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holden 11-05-2008 11:04 AM

R.I.P. Michael Crichton


So many great literary works, some of which made into halfway decent films. As always, the books are better.

negative1 11-05-2008 11:09 AM

Re: R.I.P. Michael Crichton

he was my favorite author..

in fact, one of the only authors i still keep track of,
since i don't read much anymore..

he will be missed..

sorry to hear about it..

i thought there was a new book coming out next month?


Rog 11-06-2008 05:00 AM

Re: R.I.P. Michael Crichton
he was a great writer and will be missed:(

viddy 11-06-2008 07:26 AM

Re: R.I.P. Michael Crichton
My favorite writer as well. I feel like I should go back and re-read all of this books.

matt 11-07-2008 12:26 AM

Re: R.I.P. Michael Crichton
Um, he was an entertaining author but I certainly wouldn't use words like 'great' to describe him.

His books were what I would call 'popcorn' books and it often felt as if you were reading a movie rather than a literary work. And a lot of his later books like Timeline and Prey were pretty poor.

Still, sad to hear he's died though.

grady 11-09-2008 04:19 PM

Re: R.I.P. Michael Crichton
I always thought of Crichton as an airplane book writer. He penned novels you would buy at your departure terminal and possibly finish by the time you've reached your arrival, or by the time you're returning home from vacation.

A popcorn writer for sure, but not quite like reading a screenplay like say reading a Dan Brown book.

I hadn't read much by him since I think Jurassic Park. I didn't really care that much to read more. His ideas and use of modern science was always intriguing and it's unfortunate to learn of his passing.

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