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undarrenworld 06-25-2022 02:04 PM

2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Hi friends, Im here with some Underworld related content for todays show in Prague at the Metronome Festival, Prague, Czech Republic. Nick Cave, Beck and Underworld are the headliners for each day. Underworld are closing the festival on the last day.

Yesterday it was very rainy and wet. Today is sunny-partly cloudy weather. Underworld will be headlining on the main stage in an hour or so 22:30 local time (CEST) This is to my knowledge the first gig after long break caused by the pandemic. People are very excited to see Underworld, many new fans, including my girlfriend, which will provide the setlist for us all. Thank you dear. Lets give a shout to Catherine. Me personally cant attend today show because of my health - back pain and vision problems - very annoying. You know Im hardcore Underworld fan and I never missed a show in the last 20 years.

Ok some info, the festival is located in Prague (to my knowlege first gig in Prague since 2011) near very nice park called Stromovka and its really very near (just around the corner) to the place where Underworld played gig in 2008 (Cherry Pie was played at the gig btw back then), you know the show was postponed from 2007, because of Rick being ill back then. So as this show, postponed from 2020 and again from 2021 because of Covid. This era is sad, Covid, Russian invasion in Ukraine, its not easy world.

Back to the festival. Its very nice location, I saw there Radiohead in 2010. My girlfriend knows Metronome festival inside out, she worked for them. She told me that this year more stages are being put in place and less space was used, as compared to the much bigger size of the festival before the pandemic and less stages. Its interesting info. You can see on a map very crowded place. Back in 2013 (Roudnice n. Labem) and 2016 (Ostrava) festivals here in CZ it was much bigger place.
Feels very crowded if you look at the official map, its city festival, music in the city, so the space cant be much bigger you know. Even the place (Kolbenova) from 2005 Prague legendary gig, it was bigger - Dark and Long was played, it was magical and legendary standalone Underworld show, many of you messaged me in the years to come what interresting the setlist was, it was pre RiverRun era.

Ok, you are all very curious like me what will be played. Its festival show, as you know, so fans know what to expect - well known tunes, maybe something from Drift, but you never know right? Juanita maybe? Dark Train (new version from last year vinyl)? I will Kiss hopefully? Im curious. Maybe new song? (Just as 2009/10 where Between the Stars was played. I was so amazed back then)

I saw Underworld numerous times 9 or so and every moment and instance was just magical, Im personally bit sad that I cannot attend, but its the way it is. I really wish you everybody to see Underworld gig.

You know Underworld are not doing a show, not only playing and singing, they are living it, I discovered that in 2016 during King of Snake) Its 20 years since Creamfields festival and 6 years from great Glastonbury set, it was 24th of June, now its just 25th, I remember this all my friends.

This is soundcheck:


I will be back with a setlist. Now its 5 minutes to the start of the show. Lets go.

undarrenworld 06-25-2022 02:41 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
The Setlist (Mike are you listening mate;)?

01 Juanita 2022
02 Two Months Off
03 Border Country
04 Jumbo
05 STAR (Unknown or new remix ala You Do Scribble)
06 Scribble
07 King of Snake (sequenced to Rez)
08 Rez/Cowgirl (back into Rez at the end)
09 Born Slippy .Nuxx

This Is the full setlist, show was one hour and some minutes long, no encore. Thank you Catherine for the setlist and Underworld for the show.

TheBang 06-25-2022 05:24 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Nice, thanks (to you and Catherine) for the report! So sorry you couldn't make it.

Was it the new 2022 version of Juanita? I assume the STAR remix was the Rebel Tech remix?

undarrenworld 06-25-2022 05:45 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Here are some audio and video snippets thanks to Catherine.


For the questions Todd asked.

Juanita - Yes my understanding Is thats its the 2022 version.

STAR - Right, the name is Rebel Tech. Its so in the vein of You do Scribble. Catherine spotted that Its some punchier remix. I was perplexed tbh.

Check the snippets. So far as I can see now on YouTube some obviously fake videos. Lets see if and when some other real videos surfaces.

Overall really upbeat show. No Dark Train this time.

TheBang 06-25-2022 06:12 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Actually, it turns out it's not the Rebel Tech version. Or at least not as it was in 2019, which was mostly a straight performance of the version as it appeared on the Sampler. Here's what it sounded like back then:


Based on your videos, today's performance was different. It has a lot of elements from the album version, including the sweeping Play the Road pads, and the Bells & Circles stabs, as well as the Lenny Penny jangly percussion. But it doesn't seem to have the Lenny Penny drum and bass line the way the album version does. It's something punchier, and combined with Karl's more animated vocal delivery, it gives the song way more energy than the 2019 Rebel Tech performances.

undarrenworld 06-25-2022 06:32 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Right, thats why I was perplexed, because I never Heard this version od STAR before. Thanks for clarification.

There is rumour that new people were added to the STAR lyrics. (Harry Styles) This needs to be examined further, when we will get new sources. This needs to ve clarified also. So yeah, interesting new? version od STAR.

iamneorev 06-25-2022 11:13 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
I was never a big fan of STAR, but I actually dig this version

melontang 06-26-2022 06:23 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Wow, that STAR sounds incredible. Would be nice if a bootleg appeared of this show.
Youtube has these already,

TheBang 06-26-2022 10:02 PM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Nice videos. I wish that person had recorded the whole gig like that.

undarrenworld 06-27-2022 10:41 AM

Re: 2022-06-25 Metronome Festival Prague CZ
Yes, we with Catherine think, that the STAR remix played is def. not Rebel Tech. Its has faster tempo than orig. And faster than Rebel Tech. Different noises are used as Todd pointed out. Maybe to match the tempo of the setlist. And not only tempo is on faster pace, the track feels more techno, more upbeat.
Very demanding on vocalist for sure.

Some lyrics are also new: Harry Styles, Stevie Wonder?

Hear the snippet:


Its has some You Do Scribble feel and also some wild Moaner energy.

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