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melontang 04-03-2022 01:43 PM

Vocal sound help
Can anyone figure out/ does anyone know how on earth they made this vocal effect, or if it's a specific plugin, which one? You can hear Hyde speak, and about 5 seconds later it's played back amplified with a reverb buildup. I know how to reverse a clip, record the reverb and re-reverse it, but I just can't figure out how the heck they're doing it live, unless they're not.

TheBang 04-03-2022 09:40 PM

Re: Vocal sound help
For that particular performance, I'm pretty sure that was not a live performance of the song, but rather just playback of the studio track.

We had a discussion about this track on Facebook recently, including the original video that contained it:


melontang 04-04-2022 09:33 AM

Re: Vocal sound help
Time to make a Facebook account then


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