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mark3 08-11-2020 01:19 AM

Video editor?
My parents' 50th anniversary is coming up and I want to put together a movie (5-10 minutes) of family pictures and (Youtube) clips + adding music from my own collection.

I have never done anything like that before.
Any advice on which editor to pick? I don't mind paying for one if it's good, as long as it's reasonable.
I have looked at Magisto, VideoStudio and Animoto, but it's difficult for me to make an informed decision when I really have no clue ... ;) :D

Pretzel 08-13-2020 12:49 AM

Re: Video editor?
I'd recommend "DaVinci Resolve" It's free, widely supported and I haven't had any issues with it putting together small clips.

mark3 08-15-2020 04:23 AM

Re: Video editor?
Thanks, Pretzel. That looks like a really cool program with loads of options, even for the free version. :cool:

King of Snake 09-24-2020 04:45 AM

Re: Video editor?
Otherwise you could try a month's subscription for Adobe Premiere. But you would lose access to your file once the sub expires of course.

Open source and free 3D app Blender also has a built-in video editor. Haven't tried it myself but might be worth checking out.

stimpee 08-12-2021 01:48 PM

Re: Video editor?
Hey mark3 how was the 50th anniversary and video?

mark3 08-30-2021 04:59 AM

Re: Video editor?
My parents were really happy with the video, thanks.
I went with DaVinci Resolve which was really easy to use (thanks for the suggestions).
51st anniversary is coming up next week. Please delete thread ;)

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