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Scott Warner 08-30-2007 07:11 PM

oblivion with bells
... i've been living with this album for several weeks now and i have to say that it's like a warm robe on christmas eve with cocoa. i know i've used this analogy before but i think it's appropriate for the whole rekkid in addition to the croc track. note that i do not mean that it sounds like bing crosby, nat king cole or the ronnettes, although all of these are highly recommended, but rather that this is a wonderful album by a wonderful group of people who i'm glad still have it within them to make these odd little numbers...

... "beautiful burnout" will clearly please the underworld fan, "holding the moth" is a funky thing that develops in an unexpected way, "faxed invitation" approaches the kind of old electronic warmth in the way only kraftwerk seem capable, and so on and so forth... it just doesn't sound like anyone else nor does it sound like a group that's spinning its wheels... underworld have created their own universe here and i don't think lazy journalists can slot them into catagories anymore...

... i apologize for not putting together something more coherent but in short, i love this band...

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