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holden 01-11-2021 09:34 AM

Reflecting on the year 2020, everyone will have stories of plans deferred and unexpected difficulties. Yet, strife can spur action and creativity, as is evident with the new
"WYOML - Weighted and Waiting Mix" begins with reflective atmospheric chords, somber piano, and beats and bleeps amid echoes, creating a sense of uncertainty and immenseness - after all, you're up against 2020 and all it forced on you.

"Midnight" quickly slides in next, an homage to early Orbital, by way of breakbeats, synth stabs and basslines, ethereal voices, a fight between uneasiness and nervous energy to explore the surroundings.

"Intentions" calms the mood a bit, with major key countermelodies and a sturdy, reassuring 4-4 beat, before building up layer by layer with skittering percussion, arpeggiating lead pattern (fans of "Cowgirl"-era Underworld might take note), and voices calling from the dark leading to approaching dawn.

"WYOML - Hopeful Mix" does what it says, an optimistic reimagining of the first track, making use of splashy drumming, brighter pianos, and cascades of chords and melodies like shifting shafts of sunlight through a cloud-laden sky. Indeed, even in the worst year, there's a bright side to seek and find.

With the WYOML Ep, ESCALE creates taught, tense, but also optimistic tracks to close out the period of difficulty and keep moving forward to the next station on the journey

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